7 Tips for Achieving Sales Success

14.11.23 16:00 By Marques Barcellos

Don't Depend Solely on Google Ads for Generating Sales

Are you starting a new SMB and eager to see sales from day one? While Google Ads can be effective, it's important not to rely solely on it, as it may not produce immediate results. Fine-tuning your ads, extensions, and keywords takes time, and hiring a digital marketing professional adds to your expenses. To ensure success right out of the gate, consider these tips when creating a sales plan for achieving more sales for your business.


1. Diversify your Marketing Approach: Include digital and physical channels into your marketing strategy. Utilize platforms such as Google and Facebook, but also prioritize phone calls, events, and face-to-face meetings. Find a balance between digital and personal networks, not relying solely on costly Google Ads campaigns. Craft a marketing strategy that combines both elements effectively.


2. Leverage Your Network: Once you've laid the groundwork, including defining your target audience and building a buyer persona, tap into your network. Whether you are launching a design studio, offering chauffeur services, or fitness coaching, spread the word through WhatsApp groups and online communities. Reach out to family, friends, former colleagues, and acquaintances who may be potential customers. 


3. Explore Online Marketplaces: In today's digital landscape, numerous online marketplaces cater to various businesses. While they may take a share of your revenue, they offer an immediate platform to kick-start and increase your business. Consider registering on marketplaces that align with your products or services. The options are diverse, such as eBay, Amazon, Fiverr, UpWork, Thumbtack, Uber, Airbnb, etc.


4. Targeted Outreach: Be strategic in your outreach efforts. Drop messages in WhatsApp groups where your content is relevant. Select potential prospects or connectors among your contacts—schedule meetings with ex-colleagues and former bosses, proposing partnerships that add value. Thoroughly explores your industry and target audience to identify trends, gaps, and emerging opportunities. And sharpen your pitch for when the opportunity arises.


7 Tips for Achieving Sales Success

Sales are the Best Way to Validate Assumptions

5. Validate Assumptions through Sales: Sales generate revenue and serve as invaluable feedback. Customers provide insights that can set the direction for business growth. In most cases, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool comes in handy to effectively record, track, and manage clients' interactions.


6. Build Trust through Reviews: New businesses lack a customer base and records. This is where family and friends can play a pivotal role by providing testimonials and authentic reviews, instilling trust in potential customers. Besides, these reviews will boost your Google ranking over time.


7. Adapt and Persist: Don't be discouraged if you don't initially achieve your expected sales numbers. Reevaluate your assumptions and goals and be open to adjusting them. Learn from the process, return to the development phase, adapt, and persevere. Entrepreneurship is also about resilience and determination.


In conclusion, while Google Ads are a valuable tool, a well-rounded approach that combines digital and personal networks, online marketplaces, targeted Outreach and a commitment to learning and adapting is the key to achieving sales success from day one. Remember, it's not just about making sales; it's about building a solid foundation by outstanding customer service for your SMB's growth and long-term success.

Marques Barcellos