Customer Service: The Best Driver of Business Success

04.09.23 22:23 By Marques Barcellos

Offer Extraordinary Customer Service and Stand Out from the Competition

Delivering outstanding customer service is a major driver of business success. In today's world, it goes beyond a phone help desk. A business must ensure customer support is available at every touchpoint, whether by telephone, social media channels, website, e-mail, or text. Indeed, it’s such an essential element for customer retention and, as a result, business growth and profitability.

Customer service is the support provided to the clients before, during, and, not less importantly, after the selling process. By offering a positive customer experience, a business stands out from the competition. In contrast, it’s well-known that a customer with a bad experience spreads the word more quickly and broadly than happy customers. Therefore, customer service plays a significant role in developing customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.

Acquiring new clients is more expensive than retaining existing ones. The tendency to do repeat business with a company indicates that its clients evaluate its customer service well. Moreover, surveys show that customers are minded paying a higher price tag for a better experience. 

How do we excel in offering extraordinary customer service? Let’s see some principles to help develop the best customer service for your clients.

Be honest about your service. Of course, it doesn’t mean monetarily cause that’s too obvious and not even up for discussion. Be clear and transparent about what your service provides, what’s included in the price, and what doesn’t. Never promise what you can’t deliver.

As you clearly and precisely describe your service, the customer knows exactly what to expect. Then, you can offer additional features to improve your business revenue. For example, online software usually has free, standard, and premium versions. A web designer hired to design a website can offer customized automated e-mails or create additional landing pages. Tour operators typically offer optional excursions within a travel itinerary.

Customer Service: The Best Driver of Business Success

Listen and Act: The Customers will Reward You with their Loyalty.

Listen to your clients. Whether they share a suggestion or complain about something that didn’t go as expected, take time to understand the issue. The customer support team must interact with the customer, ask the right questions, and be clear about your company’s steps to solve a problem. Imagine how you would feel if you were in the same situation.

Be proactive once you have a clear view of the matter and have determined your steps. Make them feel they matter the most, and they will become loyal customers. Besides, customer feedback is an excellent source of product innovation.

Be pragmatic. Do not waste your, your team’s, and the client’s time. You have a goal and must focus on it and make the effort to achieve it. Everyone hates to wait, and it’s no different with your customer. Support them as efficiently as possible. In addition, it’s such a waste of time and resources when your team goes over and over on the same topic. It makes your productivity go down. Time is money. 

Learn by experience. Implement some metrics, measure customer support results, and discuss them with your team regularly. If you see an issue repeatedly, something is happening in your service. The “Plan-Do-Measure-Learn” cycle works for customer service, too.

Address Bad Customer Experiences

Providing good customer service doesn't necessarily mean fulfilling every demand from every customer. It's important to recognize that some clients can sometimes be difficult or abusive. Having a detailed description of your service offerings is helpful to avoid misunderstandings. Additionally, approaching customers with empathy and understanding can defuse tense situations and lead to more productive interactions. In today's global marketplace, where many businesses offer similar services, the quality of your customer experience can be a key differentiator.

Ensuring top-notch customer service is a crucial business strategy that should be implemented throughout the customer journey - before, during, and after sales. You can establish strong customer loyalty by prioritizing customer needs and actively listening to their feedback, especially when they have had a negative experience. It will ultimately lead to growth and profitability for your business.

So, make customer service a fundamental part of your business plan and prioritize customer satisfaction at all times.

Marques Barcellos